Original French/German title GINEVRA
Language 70% French, 30% German
Duration 152 mins
Director Ingemo Engström
Script Ingemo Engström
Cast Amanda Ooms, Serge Maggiani
Ingemo Engström's groundbreaking cult movie FLUCHTWEG NACH MARSEILLE was, for those who remember, one of the highlights of the 1977 Berliane.

Many serious film magazines devoted special sections or whole issues to it and continue to support Engström's highly original work with special care and attention, though she has only made four films in the intervening fifteen years. One of these films is FLUCHT NACH DEN NORDEN with Lena Olin  (also distributed by Telepicture Marketing)

Like the wife of King Arthur in the legend, the main character in GINEVRA, actress Cecilia Linné, is a figure of inspiration torn between two worlds and two men. She gives up her "contract" with society and its entanglement of love, work and money. GINEVRA has to find a new life for herself in order to survive.