Ripa Hits the Skids (Ripa Ruostuu)

Original Finnish Title RIPA RUOSTUU
Language Finnish
Duration 80 mins
Released 1993
Director Christian Lindblad
Script Christian Lindblad
Cast Sam Huber, Mari Vainio, Merja Larivaara
"It´s a film that may repel many people, but could become a cult item" VARIETY

Ripa is in his early thirties, a young man a bit confused in this strange world. He has a lot of energy but no patience. He's hot on music videos, women and beer. He has a background as a film maker and willingly calls himself a film director. But, despite his energy, he is not able to fulfil any of his many ideas as they never last for more than a moment. In fact, his brain works like a music video; the boundaries of reality and imagination are beginning to dissolve in his mind.