Violet Bay (Violbukten)

Language Turkish
Duration 90 mins
Released 1991
Director Barbro Karabuda
Script Barbro Karabuda, Yasar Kemal
Cast Sven Wollter, Türkan Soray, Macit Koper
A drama set in a small fishing village on the edge of the Black Sea in Turkey. In a time of great change - with cities growing, with women painfully stepping out of their traditional roles, with East meeting West - an idealistic fisherman, Kerem, settles on Violet Bay in hopes of finding a new way of life. But his dreams are soon shattered when the hut he builds for his family is torn down by order of the local municipality. His wife Neriman, unable to endure the hardships, leaves for Germany to find work, leaving behind an embittered Kerem. His disillusionment drastically alters Kerem's personality, rendering him almost satanic as he retreats into his shell and has an affair with a girl of the village. And then, one day, Neriman returns from Germany - with a baby in her arms.