Midsummer (Midsommar)

Original Title MIDSOMMAR
Language Swedish
Duration 74 minutes
Released 1991
Director Judith Hollander
Script Judith Hollander
Cast Mona Seilitz, Regina Lund, Fredrika Palmstierna, Mimi Pollak.

A Film by
with Mona Seilitz and Regina Lund

It is Midsummer's Eve and 12-year old Dagny is feeling a bit sad. Her daddy has left the country and she and her younger brother are living with their mother, who is running a large camping site. A big party is planned for later that day.

Dagny is picking seven different flowers to put under her pillow, as the tradition says. If she can keep quiet until next day all her dreams will come true. Her silence however will cause major upheaval....