Honey Wolves (Honungsvargar)

Original Swedish Title HONUNGSVARGAR
German Title HONIGWĂ–LFE
Language Swedish and some English
Duration 98 mins
Released 1990
Director Christina Olofson
Script Christina Olofson and Annika Thor based on a novel by Sun Axelsson
Cast Maria Grip, Johan Rabaeus, Nicolas Chagrin

 A Film by
Johan Rabaeus and Maria Grip

Based on a novel by Sun Axelsson Honey Wolves (Honungsvargar), one of Sweden's most widely read authors.

Set in the 1950's Mignon (Maria Grip)  is a young modern woman, full of curiosity and ambition, yet fearful and vulnerable. She used to dream of becoming an actress, but now she wants to be a writer. Mignon looks to men (the Honey Wolves) for support, love and passion. 

Mignon meets the self-centred  author Pär (Johan Rabaeus) and they travel to Paris.  After a short while Pär leaves her and she returns  to Stockholm heartbroken. 

In Sweden she meets Nick (Nicolas Chagrin) from Chile. It is not long before Mignon decides to join him in Chile. He however is not ready. He has other plans. He needs a divorce from his wife and he is also planning several trips on his own.

In the end Mignon breaks up with Nick, realizing that she has to look to herself and become  more independent to become a successful writer.